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Carhuna is a must-have tool for buying and selling vehicles.


At Carhuna, we believe that honest and transparent listings are the best way to attract potential buyers and encourage bidding on your lot. Here are some tips to maximise the potential sale price of your Carhuna listing:


Carhuna has been designed so that you can share all the relevant information about your car with buyers. Ensure that you include the full history of the car, as well as any recent maintenance or repairs, as this demonstrates transparency. Sharing full disclosure images and uploading supporting documents is also encouraged.


Providing clear, accurate and high quality photos is absolutely crucial to a successful listing. Ensure you have photos from multiple angles that are well-lit and show the interior and exterior of the car. Be honest about any flaws or damage.

Need some help? We know the best photographers in the industry. Click here to find out more.


Your listing should describe the lot in an engaging, creative, but accurate way. Use factually correct, descriptive language, clear and concise headlines that summarise the key features of your car, and proofread for any spelling mistakes and grammar.

Need some help? We know professionals who can help with car writeups. Click here to find out more.


An inspection report from a trusted dealer will give buyers the peace of mind needed to bid freely. Some of our Endorsement Partners offer inspection reports as a service - click here to find out more.

If in doubt, leave it to the automotive experts - we believe at Carhuna that dealers who have years of experience and know how to navigate the market are best placed to create a Carhuna listing and auction your car. Get in touch with an Endorsement Partner to see how you can work together to get the best outcome for your car.

Need pictures to showcase your car?

Good photos are absolutely crucial to a successful listing. Let a professional photographer capture all the right details and angles to help you create a fully transparent listing.


The team of photographers offer two different packages:


Car Listing Photo Package

100 edited photos of car for use in your Carhuna listing, £175 for the first car and £150 for each additional car.


Car Boost Photo Package

30 edited photos of car to advertise your listing, £100 for first car and £75 for each additional car.

Email to begin the process.


Want a listing that'll make your car stand out above all the rest?

An engaging and accurate listing is essential for a successful sale. Let a professional writer with decades of automotive writing experience take care of the write up for you.

All you need to do is provide them with all the relevant information, the key details of your car, and as much history as you can provide. Within a week your listing will be written and ready for review for the price of £225 per car.

Email to begin the process.

Want help with an inspection report for your vehicle?

A vehicle inspection report from a trusted dealer demonstrates transparency. A vehicle inspection requires a qualified engineer or business to look over a vehicle in detail. They'll also assess the vehicle to see if it's structurally sound and recommend if any work needs doing to the vehicle, so a prospective buyer can decide whether a purchase is worth it or not. A number of our Endorsement Partners offer this service - reach out to them directly to find out more:

Ashgood Porsche

Bell Sport & Classic

Blakeney Motorsport

DK Engineering

Joe Macari

Simon Furlonger

JZM Porsche

Nicholas Mee & Co.

Paragon Porsche

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