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Accelerate Success: Sell More Cars, Faster. With Carhuna.

At Carhuna, we're uniquely placed to understand the specific needs of automotive dealers. Our platform is crafted to help you grow your business, providing a cutting-edge and bespoke digital solution that resonates with your dealership's identity and objectives. After all, Carhuna has been designed by dealers, for dealers.

Tailored Benefits For Dealers

Sell faster for more

With Carhuna, it’s not just about selling; it’s about selling smarter. We offer a range of tools, all designed to make your sales process more efficient and effective. Our suite of tools is designed to increase your sales volume and market presence to ensure a quicker turnaround and potentially higher returns, thanks to our streamlined auctions, ‘Power Trade’ bidding, and effective classifieds.

Grow your customer base

Partner with Carhuna to market your brand alongside selling cars. Our platform helps you tap into a broader audience, significantly increasing potential customer enquiries for your vehicles. Make the most of our tailor-made social media presence and marketing campaigns, as well as our dedicated press portal to amplify your dealership’s visibility, drawing more buyers to your listings.

Connect with the best

Join a Community of experts, market specialists and enthusiasts and embrace the opportunity to be part of this exclusive network. Whether your focus is on classic, performance, or blue-chip vehicles, Carhuna connects you with the UK’s finest specialist dealers. Leverage the strength of this community by buying and selling seamlessly with Power Trade. It’s more than a platform; it’s a gateway to a network of top-tier dealers just like you.

Showcase your unique identity

Carhuna understands that every dealership has its own story and style. Our platform empowers you to showcase this uniqueness. Personalise your account and auction lots to reflect the distinct character of your dealership and leverage Carhuna’s brand recognition to elevate your own presence in the digital marketplace.

Adapting to your unique needs

At Carhuna, we value the diversity of dealers and recognise that each car sale is unique. Our platform is designed to be flexible, ensuring it aligns with your specific business requirements. In a fast-moving and competitive industry, Carhuna provides the tools and support you need to achieve your sales and marketing objectives with a variety of solutions to sourcing, selling and buying the best cars. We help you stay ahead and succeed.

Maximimising your profitability

Begin your journey with Carhuna with a complimentary trial period on us. And there is more. Our subscription pricing is not just competitive; it’s designed with your success in mind. Enjoy unlimited classified listings as part of our commitment to your growth. You can list your vehicles in auctions at no cost, too. This approach, combined with the industry’s lowest buyer’s premium, is tailored to maximise your profitability, ensuring you get the most out of every sale.

Our Commitment to
Your Dealership

Fueling your online automotive success: Sell faster for more with Carhuna. At Carhuna, our focus extends beyond mere transactions; we’re here to turbocharge your business’s growth in the digital automotive realm. Our platform is a fusion of efficiency, innovation, and personalization, designed to amplify your dealership’s digital footprint. Whether your expertise lies in cars, bikes, automobilia, parts, or plates, Carhuna is your gateway to a bespoke online trading experience. Join us and steer your dealership towards greater heights, where enhancing your success is our driving force.

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