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Our Mission & Values

A transparent digital platform that automotive enthusiasts can trust.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an all encompassing digital platform for the automotive enthusiast community, connecting the world's car buyers, sellers and traders in an easy, secure and transparent way.

This is Carhuna.

/Car (Kar) 'hu:nə/ noun (slang) - "An expert in all things automotive. A person who's in charge, with authority, wisdom and repute."

At Carhuna, we know that the right car, to the right person, can represent a dream.

Cars have the potential to connect people, create experience, and preserve a legacy.  And when you really know your stuff, it's easy to become a figure of authority within your community. But none of this can be achieved without responsibility, accountability and trust. Without those things, a dream can quickly become a nightmare. Because cars aren't mere playthings (even if driving your favourite one can make you feel like a kid again). They're valuable assets that are the bread and butter of someone's business. Or the physical embodiment of someone's hard work.


That's why Carhuna have created a digital platform built by dealers. For the benefit of dealers and all buyers.

"We make the day-to-day running of a dealership easier by providing listing capabilities that are transparent for the buyer, whilst uniting a community of people passionate about cars." - ANDREW HALL

  • A set of tools that streamline the ways cars will be sold online
  • Initial products offer users the ability to access and list classified adverts, auctions and trade-focused bidding
  • Allows users to use their own branding on their account and auction lots, and to dictate the terms of their listings
  • Lets users know who they're buying from, exactly what they're purchasing, when their deal is concluding and how their sale will be transacted (including invoicing, consumer rights status and warranties)
  • Creates a community for traders, private sellers and buyers
  • Works with carefully selected trade partners
  • Makes it all possible on an easy-to-use digital platform

Our Values

Carhuna connects the World's Buyers, Sellers & Traders
and helps you to buy and sell your car.

Esuring Transparency

Make car sales a better, safer and transparent digital experience through:

  • Robust security checks for trade accounts and private users to avoid 'burner' accounts
  • Accurate listings and ability to upload inspection reports
  • We’ll create a safe and transparent community for traders, private sellers and buyers alike with enhanced verification and carefully selected partners
  • Lets users know who they’re buying from, exactly what they’re purchasing, when their deal is concluded and how their sale will be transacted

Uniting Community

More than a modern marketplace, we're a lifestyle brand for automotive enthusiasts:

  • Providing a supportive and customisable platform for all automotive traders, private sellers and private buyers
  • Matching automotive lovers with car content, memorabilia and marques
  • Empowers users by including branding personalisation on their account, auction lots and the ability to dictate the sale terms of their listing

Empowering Dealerships

We have the potential to revolutionise online trade across many applications with:

  • Multi-purpose features
  • A set of tools that streamline the way cars are sold online
  • Initial products offer users access to auctions, classifieds and a trade-focussed bidding platform
  • Offering digital solutions for traders that did not exist until now
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