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The Carhuna Code

A transparent digital platform that automotive enthusiasts can trust.

Building Trust in the Digital Automotive Community

Carhuna is more than just a digital platform; it's a community hub for automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Our mission is to seamlessly connect car buyers, sellers, and traders in a manner that's easy, secure, and transparent.

At the heart of Carhuna is a commitment to integrity and responsibility. The Carhuna Code is our pledge to you – it's what makes us a platform you can trust. This Code is a reflection of our core values and a promise to maintain a transparent digital space for all car enthusiasts.

We believe in creating a respectful and honest environment. That's why Carhuna enforces a strict one-strike policy. This ensures that our community upholds the values we cherish. The Carhuna Code sets our expectations for all users, complementing our comprehensive Platform Terms and Conditions, which govern the interactions and transactions on Carhuna.

Join us at Carhuna, where passion for cars meets the integrity of a trusted community.

General Principles:

Safety and Security at the Forefront

At Carhuna, your safety is our priority. We meticulously check the identities of all buyers and sellers to ensure a secure platform for everyone. During registration, we ask you to provide a valid ID, such as a passport or driver's licence, for verification. We also validate your email and phone number and require a valid credit card for all transactions. For our trade users, we go a step further by verifying your Certificate of Incorporation and VAT number. Please note, you must be at least 18 years old to join the Carhuna community.

Fostering a Transparent Marketplace

Carhuna is the driving force behind a transparent marketplace. We facilitate classifieds and auctions, but the sales themselves are made by you, our users. It's important to understand that Carhuna is not a selling agent. Instead, we provide a platform where buyers and sellers can connect directly. When a deal is made, whether it's through an auction or Power Sell, the contract is between you and the other party. And rest assured, Carhuna is always here to support you every step of the way. As for commissions, they are due immediately after a sale is confirmed, keeping the process clear and straightforward.

Buying on Carhuna:

Be Informed, Be Prepared

Do Your Research: Before diving into an auction, we encourage you to thoroughly read the listing, visit the car or arrange an inspection, and do your due diligence. Remember, the accuracy of listing details rests with the seller, and Carhuna is here to facilitate your discovery.

Bid with Confidence

Ensure Accuracy of Your Bid: Each bid you place is a commitment to buy if you win. Be aware that winning means paying the seller your bid amount, and you're also agreeing to settle the commission owed to Carhuna. When setting an absentee bid, it's automatically calculated to outbid the current highest bid.

Timely Transactions

Settle Your Winning Bid Promptly: After winning, connect with the seller to finalise the purchase. We recommend completing the payment within five business days post-auction, unless you've arranged otherwise with the seller.

Handling Your New Treasure

Arrange Pickup or Delivery: Coordinate directly with the seller for pickup or delivery. At collection, ensure the item matches its description in the listing. Remember, any delivery costs or associated charges are typically the buyer's responsibility. It's also important to be aware of any export or import regulations.

Your Rights Matter

Understand Your Consumer Rights: When purchasing from a trade seller, your consumer rights are applicable. For more details, refer to the 'Understand your Consumer Rights' section in our Platform Terms and Conditions.

Community Respect

Be Respectful to the Carhuna Community: Our community is built on a shared passion for cars. We expect all members to engage respectfully and refrain from spreading misinformation or trolling in the comments.

Share Your Experience

Leave a Review: Your feedback is invaluable to us and the Carhuna community. Negative experiences will be investigated, and your reviews offer insights to others about what to expect from sellers.

Selling on Carhuna:

Clear, Accurate Listings Lead to Successful Sales

Complete Information is Key: As a seller, you're responsible for providing thorough and accurate information about your auction lot. Transparency is crucial – need help with your listing? Click here. Including an inspection report can boost bidder confidence – need assistance? Click here.

Quality Images Make a Difference

Showcase Your Lot with Great Photos: High-quality, accurate photos are essential. They help potential buyers see exactly what you're offering. Need a hand getting those perfect shots? Click here.

Exclusive Listings Attract Serious Buyers

Auction Lot Exclusivity: When you list on Carhuna, your auction lot or Power Sell becomes exclusive to our platform. This exclusivity starts as soon as it's listed, including any preview period. Need to make amendments? You can do so with a saleroom notice. Remember, we reserve the right to review and withdraw listings.

Carhuna's Commitment to Quality

Review Process for Listings: Listings undergo a two-business-day review by Carhuna. Trade seller listings post automatically but may also be reviewed. This ensures that every listing meets our high standards, in line with our Platform Terms and Conditions.

Reserve Prices: Fair and Final

Setting Your Reserve: You can set a reserve price for your auction. Once live, you're free to reduce or remove it, but increasing it isn't an option. Without a reserve, your lot will be open to the highest bid, regardless of price.

Fair Play is Fundamental

No Unfair Bidding Practices: It's important to play fair – bidding on your own lot, or having associates do so without genuine purchase intentions, is against our values. Our strict identification checks prevent multiple accounts for users.

Stay Engaged with Your Audience

Responsive Communication Matters: Quick and helpful responses to enquiries or comments can significantly influence customer reviews. As a seller, it's your responsibility to maintain good communication with potential and confirmed buyers.

Carhuna's Support in Finalising Sales

Facilitating Successful Transactions: In certain cases, we may step in to help complete a sale. This involves contacting bidders and the seller to negotiate a mutually acceptable deal for an auction lot.

Any breach of the Carhuna Code will be investigated by the team, and in order to uphold the Carhuna Code , Carhuna may limit or suspend (temporarily or otherwise) your access to the Platform, and remove any live auction and/or Power Sell listings or classifieds associated with your user account, without notice at any time and in our sole discretion. You may cancel your Carhuna account at any time by submitting a cancellation request via the Platform, provided you are not participating in a live auction or a Power Sell.

If there is any inconsistency between the Platform Terms and Conditions and the Carhuna Code, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail. Carhuna reserves the right to update or modify the Terms and Conditions and Carhuna Code at any time by way of notification to users via our website.

For any general enquiries or feedback to the Carhuna team, please email us at This Carhuna Code was last updated on 12th May 2023.

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